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The success trajectory of WBC started with the contact of the business development agency of the Dutch Government, CBI (Centre for Promotion of Developing Countries), for the development of products suppliers and demanded services by investors and Dutch Companies.

In June of 2004, WBC developed a partnership along with ITC (International Trade Center), an organism resulted of the cooperation between WTO (World Trade Organization) and the UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development), based on Geneva, Switzerland.

In this way, having WBC started the participation on the Industrial Fair of Hannover, Germany, on the Deutschland hall, inside the programs of business development and providers from the Dutch Agency, developed a properly know how sediment more recently with the foundations of the programs of the ITC, obtained by this partnership.

From this acquirements, WBC started to prepared companies and Brazilian entrepreneurs interested in seeking business abroad, whether in Investment Business, Foreign Capital, Technology Transfer, Financing, Partnerships and joint ventures in general.

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